A unique wine

Vinho Verde, region of origin since 1908, is counted as one of the oldest vineyards of Portugal and the biggest one in Europe. Furthermore it is the largest Portuguese region of wine-growing. It reaches from the Spanish border in the North to the Douro. Its vineyards reach an altitude of 700m and its climate is mostly influenced by the Atlantic. The fertile rainfalls as well as the high air moisture are reflected in the fairytale-like, green landscape. It is also coined by manor houses of the gentry. Three fundamental parameters are combined in Vinho Verde. The region's naturally predominant conditions, the traditional art of winegrowing and manufacturing, as well as the autochthonous grape variety. Exactly these parameters generate wine which is minted by an unique taste. Wine with a light, refreshing character and a delicate fruit which corresponds to the tide of this time.

More information about the producers of the region

Douro-Tal Trauben