Land of the Cistercian

The small vineyard Tavora-é-Varosa, which owes its name to the two tributary rivers of Douro, is located in the North of Portugal directly connecting to the southern region of Douro. Although it is barely known outside of Portugal, the tradition of viticulture in Tavora-é-Varosa goes back to the Middle Ages. The region's first wines were pressed by Cistercian monks in medieval times where they installed their vineyards around their monasteries and churches. Therefore, even nowadays the region is called Terras de Cister (Land of the Cistercian).

Tavora-é-Varosa represents Portugal's chilliest/nippiest vineyard. The strong fluctuation of temperature in between night and day is characteristic for the vineyard. While the winters are cold and humid the summers are hot and dry. Due to its altitude and its rocky ground (shale and granite) grapes ripen more slowly. These natural conditions grant the grapes a special fruity taste and a pleasant sour character.

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